Hudson FL, Pasco County

Sinkholes concern in Pasco County

The community of Pasco County in Florida is experiencing a period of great concern, as there are about 20 small holes in Hudson’s land, which are likely to cause very serious damage.

It was also discovered after August 13 and after a first assessment that the multiple sinkholes at Lakeside Woodlands and Hudson increased slightly, compared to the initial evaluation.

The problem has emerged for about 20 years, as there are caves in the area that cause sinkholes.

Currently, geologists are working and exploring the territory, to see if the problem is really due to the caves present and the aquifers.

Geologists, have admitted, that: it is not possible to calculate the time when sinkholes are formed.

They think it is very important to communicate to the people of the County, what are the problems that emerge before the formation of the sinkholes and therefore the signs that can be monitored both inside the houses and outside.

It is good in any case not to cause unnecessary alarmism but to talk to citizens honestly and honestly, to fight together the causes of sinkholes.

The assurances came from the director of emergency management in the County of Pasco, Andy Fossa. Fossa said that the sinkholes are mostly on private land.

Fossa said: “They are not very large holes, the longest is 25 feet with a width of 15 feet.”

He also reassured the population, saying that there is no threat to housing at this time, even though the County is still taking action thanks to geologists.

The most important thing is: to analyze the possibility of sinkholes growth, with constant and monitoring work.

USF researchers, use special 3D scanners and drones to map holes. Lori Collins, one of the researchers at USF Libraries Research, said it was important to analyze historical maps of the earth.

Collins: “This can give us valuable clues and environmental information, is to better understand what is happening.”

How are emergencies handled?

Local landowners and representatives of the homeowners’ association were contacted. They were also advised to contact their insurers.

Although, the owners are very scared, it is important to immediately warn them of the risks they run and the damage that these holes can cause to their property.

The sinkholes originate on alluvial plains, coastal plains, intermontane basins, on narrow river valleys, or on sites of large-scale aquifers, to which fluvial-lacustrine, lagoon, volcanic or marine deposits of variable power overlap.

The areas characterized by these phenomena, strongly at risk of sinking, are defined sinkhole prone areas, precisely for this reason the County of Pasco was affected by this phenomenon.

Hudson FL Sinkholes threaten local neighborhood
Hudson FL Pasco County,
About 20 small holes in Hudson's land, which are likely to cause very serious damage.

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