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What can an adjuster do for you?

A public insurance adjuster can help you during your sinkhole claim. They are trained and know what questions need to be asked in order to determine how your insurance company evaluates your claim. They have the license, training, and have been bonded as professionals. A lot of public adjusters have practiced in the insurance industry at some point. Many of them once served as company adjusters, contractor vendors, special investigators, as well as, professional claim handlers and agents.


Can an attorney help with my homeowners claim?

Yes. If you need help to dispute a result you are unhappy with or were expecting more out of you can have an attorney fight for you.

Insurance companies, by default, do not like to pay sinkhole claims monies. They always make excuses and find ways to avoid paying insurance claims or try to delay making the required compensation. These delays usually put the homeowner at a disadvantage because repair costs might experience a hike during this time. What an experienced sinkhole claims attorney does is to assist you by representing you throughout the process of engaging with your insurance company to ensure that damages are settled promptly.


State Certified Contractor

A big part of the process is the repair and rebuilding.

This is where a professional State Certified Contractor comes into play.

Because there have been many preying on the uneducated, there have been efforts to crack down on contractors working without a licence or insurance.

What do unlicensed and uninsured contractors mean for you?


Contractors working with no licence and no insurance can place ALL liability on you! Meaning that if they get hurt on the job they can come after the homeowner.

If they collect payment, they can run off with the money and never actually do any work.

They may not be doing the work to code. Causing a life safety issue with the work performed.

We can act as your personal project manager.

We can help with the "hole" process