The Need For Sinkhole Adjusters, Attorneys, and Contractors

The Need For Sinkhole Adjusters, Attorneys, and Contractors

When you take a look at your floors, walls, stairs, as well as building foundation, do you see any cracks? If you do, it could be a sign that your property is experiencing sinkhole damage. Sinkhole activity which occurs under your building usually is the cause of the cracks as well as structural damages that you notice in certain property sections. When confirmed that a sinkhole is the cause of these damages, the next step is to file an insurance claim. There are three important sets of professionals that can help you in this process. You need adjusters, attorneys, and contractors. Let us consider why you need these experts.

Sinkhole Public Adjusters – Why you Need Them

Insurance firms are mandated under law to bear the responsibility of covering sinkhole damage. However, a lot of them simply refuse to do so. They usually try to avoid this responsibility by giving excuses. Most of the time, you get told that a sinkhole isn’t the cause of the damage. During the litigation of sinkhole claims, insurance firms usually raise issues like:

  • Whether the damage is caused by a sinkhole
  • If the insurance claim was reported on time
  • If the factors which led to the damage occurred while the coverage period was still active

In cases where the insurance company agrees to bear the responsibility by acknowledging the claim, it will try to play tricks in order to pay only a fraction of the total cost of compensation for the sinkhole damage. They may also go ahead to suggest a form of repair that is very cheap and not so effective.

This is where a public insurance adjuster comes in. A public insurance adjuster can help you during your sinkhole claim. They are trained and know what questions need to be asked in order to determine how your insurance company evaluates your claim. They have the license, training, and have been bonded as professionals. A lot of public adjusters have practiced in the insurance industry at some point. Many of them once served as company adjusters, contractor vendors, special investigators, as well as, professional claim handlers and agents.

When professional public adjusters provide you with professional help with respect to sinkhole claims, it can be very helpful since a sinkhole investigation process has deeper complexity in contrast with regular property damage claims.

Why you Need Sinkhole Attorneys

The damage that a sinkhole can unleash on your property is significant enough. This usually implies that a lot of money will go into the repairs. If you act fast as a homeowner, it can help curb the level of damage. Once you detect that a sinkhole has begun to take shape around your home or property, this is the time to immediately seek the assistance of an attorney that specializes in sinkhole claims.

However, it is possible that you may not detect sinkhole damage early enough, and your property will suffer so much damage. The reason is that sinkholes usually take place below your property. This is the time to immediately get a sinkhole attorney that is experienced on your side. The rationale behind enlisting the services of a sinkhole claims attorney is highlighted below –

  • Insurance companies, by default, do not like to pay sinkhole claims monies. They always make excuses and find ways to avoid paying insurance claims or try to delay making the required compensation. These delays usually put the homeowner at a disadvantage because repair costs might experience a hike during this time. What an experienced sinkhole claims attorney does is to assist you by representing you throughout the process of engaging with your insurance company to ensure that damages are settled promptly.
  • If you have an attorney working for you, you are more likely to get a higher level of cooperation from your insurance company. This is because experienced attorneys know all the tactics employed by insurance companies to delay compensation and the strategies to employ to avoid this.
  • On reaching out to your insurance company to file a sinkhole damages claim, an investigation will be set up in order to carry out an assessment of the property damage. This usually requires a lot of time, and you will be better off having a sinkhole attorney by your side during this period. 

Once the evaluation has been completed, your insurance company will present you with documents showing the intended compensation amount. You will be expected to sign these papers before claiming the compensation for damages. There are clauses which you could have difficulties understanding, but an attorney can explain all of them to you before you append your signature. Also, negotiations might be required, and your attorney could be in the best possession to look out for your interests.

Where a Sinkhole Repairs Contractor Comes in

The loss of soil integrity usually prompts sinkholes repair. Basically, the soil gets saturated by a large volume of water that gives off carbon dioxide. This leads to a reaction that causes vegetation to decay. The result is that the water becomes acidic. As soon as acidic water finds its way into the soil, it can come in contact with limestone as well as order soluble elements which eventually breakdown. A void is created when this breakdown occurs. A sinkhole usually takes place when the void which is created continues to increase, and the surface area collapses. Other factors which facilitate sinkholes include –

  • Ground cracks and holes – this mostly takes place in driveways, and it is common to provide solutions to driveway sinkholes.
  • Foundation gaps or cracks – a certain width of cracks can lead to diagnosis as a foundation sinkhole.
  • Loss of water in inground pools – other signs to look out for include noticing pieces escaping from the pool’s walls as well as pool’s bottom. If you notice this, you just might have sinkhole issues on your hands.
  • Wet spots – this should surely spook you, especially if you notice standing water taking place on your property. It could be about time for a sinkhole repair.
  • Low integrity of structures – you could start to notice that your property walls, fence, and flooring are beginning to develop cracks. Also, some structures may actually begin to sink. This should alert you to a possible sinkhole situation.

If you work with a public adjuster and an attorney for your sinkhole claims and you successfully complete the process, the insurance firm that you work with will approve your claim. At this point, you need to initiate the procedures for repair, and this is where a sinkhole repairs contractor comes into the picture.

You need a reputable sinkhole repair company to provide you with quality sinkhole remediation. Sinkhole damage is something that must be handled by only the professionals. A professional sinkholes contractor will provide you with comprehensive sinkhole remediation by taking steps to identify the root cause of the damage. The analysis and findings will be used to carry out quality sinkhole repairs. Ensure that the sinkhole repair contractor that you work with is licensed and certified.


If you experience sinkhole damage on your property, do not hesitate to enlist the services of a sinkhole public adjuster, attorney, and contractor.

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